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2024 Summer Interactive Media
Art Curriculum

2024 June — December

Petros Lales

Welcome to our Interactive Media Art Class, designed to equip aspiring artists with essential skills in New Media. This comprehensive course covers tools like Unity, Blender, VR, and AR, blending hands-on projects with theoretical insights. You’ll develop expertise in Real Time Interactions, 3D Graphics, game development, and immersive storytelling. With personalized instruction, industry insights from visiting artists, and real-world project collaboration, you’ll build a professional portfolio and prepare for a successful career in new media art. Join us to transform your creative visions into dynamic digital experiences.

Application Deadline— Jun 16, 2024

Pricing and Commitment

Single Semester Access: $1,450 per semester for targeted learning in specific digital artistry tools.


Full Course Advantage: Enroll in both semesters upfront to enjoy a comprehensive mastery of digital artistry, with a 15% discount, reducing the total from $2,900 to $2,465.

Course Objectives

Master New Media Tools

Gain a solid foundation in essential tools like Unity, Blender, VR, and AR, unlocking the potential to create cutting-edge art and games.

Develop Practical Skills

Learn through hands-on projects in 3D modeling, World Building, and game development, enhancing both creativity and technical abilities.

Code for Creativity

Acquire coding skills tailored for artists, enabling the creation of interactive and dynamic digital art.

Collaborate on Real-World Projects

Build a Professional Portfolio

Showcase Your Art

Work in teams to design and develop interactive art projects, simulating professional art production environments.

Create a diverse portfolio of work, from 3D artworks to interactive VR experiences, preparing for a career in new media art.

Learn how to effectively present and exhibit digital projects, culminating in a public display of your work.

Exclusive, engaging

Learning Experience

Master the Latest Tools:

Utilize Unity, Blender, VR, and AR to bring your artistic visions to life through an engaging in-person course format, with focus on team work and personal expression.

Tailored and Personalized Education

Limited Enrollment: 
To ensure a personalized and interactive learning experience, we admit no more than 10 students per semester, on an application basis.

Meet the Instructor

Petros Lales, Visual Artist and Tech Artist – Lead Instructor

Petros Lales brings over ten years of experience in New Media art, specializing in Real Time Graphics, Tech Art, 3D modeling, VR and AR. With a Master degree in Visual Arts and New Media from Athens School of Fine Arts and SVA Photo Video and Related Media, He is currently working with renowned companies and projects in the Video Game Industry, pushing the boundaries of digital expression.

Professional Highlights

Industry Pioneer: Recognized for his expertise in Tech Art. Educator and Mentor: He has taught at prestigious institutions such as ASFA and SVA, shaping the next generation of digital artists. Innovator: Developed the APOLLO shaders for next generation PBR shading in Unity, which have been influential in the advancement of real time graphics.

Teaching Philosophy

Petros Lales believes in a hands-on, project-based approach to learning, where students are encouraged to explore and experiment with the latest digital tools to develop their unique artistic voice. He is committed to nurturing creativity and technical skills, ensuring students not only learn but also apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Why Learn from Petros Lales?

With Petros Lales at the helm, students gain insider knowledge and practical skills from a leader in the field. His extensive professional network and industry insights also enrich the learning experience, providing students with valuable connections and real-world perspectives.

Course Outline

*This is a suggested course outline. The schedule and content may be adjusted to accommodate everyone’s availability.

Each class will be 2 hours. First hour is dedicated to presenting the Assignments of the previous class, Teaching the new content and art examples. The second hour is creating hands-on projects so that the student can get familiar with what they learn and have the chance to ask questions when facing challenges.

Semester 1








June 30 (Introduction to New Media Art, Demonstration of Unity, Blender and Coding)

July 07 (Intro to Unity, What is 3D Space, 3D Objects, What is a scene)


July 14 (Intro to materials, Lights, textures and skybox )


July 21 (Intro to Coding, Coding basics, input, motion, Creating a basic game)


July 28 (Intro to Terrain tools, Building an environment,Coding,Intro to optimization, Exporting a game)






August 04 (Intro to Blender)

August 11 (Scupting)

August 18 (Rigging)

August 25 (Animation)






September 01 (Intro to storytelling, Interactive telling art and games,Coding)

September 08 (Intro to Economy, Achievements, Immersion,Coding)

September 15 (Intro to interaction and reaction, Coding)

September 22 (Recap and Building an art game as a team)

Semester 2








October 6 (Intro to VR, VR Artworks)



October 13 (Building a world in VR)


October 20 (Experimenting with Vision and Space)


October 27 (Building a Story in VR)







November 3 (Intro to AR in Unity, Spark AR, AR Artworks)


November 10 (Face Recognition, Mask Creation)

November 17 (AR 3D Space Interactions, experimentations)


November 24 (Creating and Exporting a AR Application) 






December 1 (Experimentation with Sensors)


December 8  (Sound, Space and Performance, Using the tools we learned)

December 22 (Creating Final Projects)

December 29 (Exhibition of students work)

Enhanced Learning with

Visiting Artists

Industry Insights: 
Benefit from sessions with visiting artists who are leading professionals in the digital media industry. These guest lecturers will share their expertise, offering unique perspectives and inspiring innovation.

Additional Benefits

Professional Certification

Receive a certificate upon completion, validating your skills for your resume or LinkedIn profile.

Portfolio Review

Get personal portfolio review sessions with instructors or visiting artists, providing direct feedback to refine your work.

Industry Partnerships

Collaborate with leading companies for guest lectures, internships, or project sponsorships, offering networking opportunities and potential job leads.

Cutting-Edge Modules

Explore emerging topics like AI in art, blockchain for digital art, or real-time rendering techniques.

Interactive Workshops


Participate in workshops focused on large-scale projects or specific skills like advanced texturing or VR storytelling.

Real-World Projects


Engage in projects with actual clients or professional workflows, reflecting the digital arts industry's collaborative nature.

Exhibition Opportunities


Feature your final projects in a physical exhibition, enhancing your professional portfolio, and enriching your community.

Alumni Network

Join an alumni network offering ongoing support, job postings, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

Lifetime Access to Materials

Enjoy lifetime access to updated course materials, lectures, and tutorials, ensuring continued learning with the most current information.

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