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Yuqi Wang (b.2000) works in many directions as a multimedia artist, filmmaker, and performer. In the diverse expressions of contemporary art, Yuqi Wang uses her unique perspective and cross-media artistic practice to lead audiences into a realm filled with philosophical contemplation and psychological exploration. Her work deconstructs traditional grand narratives, questions fixed identities, and challenges authoritative discourses through various media combined artistic forms. These forms critique changes in human experience in modern society, reflecting transformations in self-identity and social interaction under the influence of technological culture.

The Fluidity of Time and the Reconstruction of Identity

" Everything that is going to happen should happen ; everything that should happen is going to happen. "
--Yuqi Wang
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The Sims, Black and White Photography by Yuqi Wang, 2021

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Bureau of Cloud Management

Tong Wu & Yuguang Zhang


Artist: Tong Wu & Yuguang Zhang
Production Coordinator: Shuang Cai
Exhibition Music Artist: Jamal Green


Chloe Gao


Journey into Self
VR, 2023
Screen written/Executive Producer: Congyun Gu
Interaction Designer: Shimin Gu,
Unreal Technical Aritist: Yiran Wang
Visual Designer: Yujie Jiang, Xindi Xu
Spatial Computational Designer: Junling Zhuang

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