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Experience interactive media through hands-on courses based on real-world projects.

A Curated Hub for Art Opportunities, Collaborations, and Creative Industry Jobs

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Yuqi Wang
The Fluidity of Time and the Reconstruction of Identity

July 2024
The Sims, The Whims of Bordeaux Black and White Photography by Yuqi Wang, 2022

Yan Shao
:iidrr Interview

August 2023

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Yiou Wang

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Yiou Wang is a multimedia artist in the fields of 3D art, XR/VR and immersive experiences, with a background in architecture. Yiou delights in worldbuilding-based storytelling using a blend of traditional and emergent media/technologies to meander between the physical and the virtual realms through myth, tech and nature.

Koi Ren

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Koi Ren is a creative thinker interested in creating an experience at the intersection between humans, society, science, and technology. She works with body and data, to generate tangible wearable devices and immersive digital experiences that borrow facets from nuance interactive between people, technology ethics, media theory, and feminism. 

Yan Shao


Yan Shao is a terrestrial artist and creative technologist based in New York. Yan’s imaginative new media works explore the uncharted territories of perception, mediating the complex interrelations between humans and the environment. Yan's artistic language draws inspiration from geopoetics, the transitory essence of nature, and the human responsibility towards ecology, resulting in a unique and evocative visual narrative.


The Space Collection offers exclusive, innovative artworks, from 3D sculptures to AR and VR pieces, providing collectors with unique, boundary-pushing creations

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